USB-C with MFl is happening, the aftermarket may have confirmed it?

Apple is widely expected to switch out the Lightning port for USB-C on iPhone 15 models to comply with European rules, and earlier this March, a rumor out of China suggested that the replacement USB-C port would continue to have a Lightning-like authentication chip, despite USB-C ports on Apple’s iPads having no such chip. And now, the DBX team got a set of products that leaked out from a famous factory that may have confirmed that this is not just a rumor!

Charging port flex cable for iPhone 15PM
USB-C Charger port finally?
An integrated circuit was bedded on, was it the MFi-certified IC?

We all know that the new (European rules) mandate is part of an effort to simplify the charging experience for consumers and cut down on electronic waste. Consumers shouldn’t need an Apple-made cable to charge their iPhones when Apple makes the switch to USB-C. And if this USB-C applies an MFI, it is widely speculated to be software limited in data and charging speed, consumers may need an Apple-specific USB-C cable. This would defeat the purpose of the EU’s push toward a universal charging cable.

Perhaps this is a new product line that will allow professionals in the repair industry, like DBX and yourself, to once again contribute towards reducing electronic waste, extending the lifespan of electronic products, and promoting their recyclability. The specific details will be revealed during Apple’s new product launch event on September 12th or 13th this year. Let’s look forward to it together.

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