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Are you a factory or a trading company? How many staffs in your company?2022-12-01T06:51:36+08:00

DBX was founded in 1998, it has a history of more than 20 years. In the mobile phone market had a high reputation and credibility, there are about 100 employees in our company. From 2016, DBX began to transform from chain trade to mobile phone aftermarket supply service provider

Product service: main business applicable to iPhone、Samsung、Xiaomi and other brands of LCD、repair of mobile phone、apply to high quality lithium batteries for iPhone, and mobile phone case、earphone、USB cable and other mobile phone accessories export sales business.

Service: provide product customization, personalized packing customization、order process and IT system connection and other supply chain customization service.

Industry resource integration

1.LCD mainly investment factory cooperation, use DBX quality system standard production test.

2.Our company has deep cooperation with the authoritative maintenance college in the industry, to provide technical training services for mobile phone maintenance practitioners worldwide.

Now, DBX has established a long-term stable cooperative relationship with tens of thousands of mobile phone repair shops and wholesalers of mobile phone parts in the secondary market worldwide.

Where is your company? Can I visit your factory?2022-12-01T06:51:27+08:00

Our company is in Guangzhou, supply chain logistics center is located in Shenzhen, China, also is the famous mobile phone spare parts distribution center in the world.

Welcome to visit to our factory, in order to save your time, please let us know the visiting time of you in advance, so that we can arrange the tour schedule for you.

Do you also have a Samsung LCD factory?2022-12-01T06:52:53+08:00

Yes, but Samsung technology is more complex, mass production is difficult. DBX has strict testing standards, and the standard is above the industry average, so please rest assured, we will check the quality for you in the early stage.

What are the requirements to be a regional agent?2022-12-01T06:53:41+08:00

First, we are looking for regional agents of global brands at present, including LCD brands and battery. The requirements for brand agency in each region are different. Generally, it mainly evaluates the cooperation term and the sales proportion of target market. You can try our product quality and service, and then further discuss the agency cooperation matters.

If I place an order for you, can you give me any guarantee (that you’ll send the goods to me)?2022-12-01T06:55:39+08:00

DBX attaches great importance to brand credibility. We regard sincerity and honesty as our rules of daily work and perfectly abide by it. We value every order of every customer, and therefore have accumulated a good reputation. We believe that 23 years of business history can illustrate this perfectly:

  • We are a supplier with a complete system of our own factory, an experienced purchasing team and a logistics delivery warehouse. All the products you order can be traced to the whole process of its production, testing, packaging, and delivery.
  • When the goods are shipped, we will issue you a customs clearance certificate and logistics order number, so you can track the movement of the goods in real time.
  • If you are still worried and troubled, you can also pay through PayPal.
  • We have a reliable after-sales guarantee, and the product can be returned or exchanged if there is any quality problem. We have never owed any customer’s return processing.
  • We have independent websites, Alibaba platform stores, Global Sources platform stores, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and other third-party platform accounts online. You can place orders (for third-party protection) and track DBX through these platforms. You can also leave messages about orders and other matters on these platforms.
  • We will also carry out offline exhibitions from time to time. You can also go to the site to have face-to-face interactions with us to deepen mutual understanding (we will update relevant exhibition information on the above online platforms).

Attachment: Links to each platform

DBX official website https://dbx.com.cn/

Alibaba store of DBX  https://dbxparts.en.alibaba.com/

Global Source of DBX 


Facebook account of DBX  https://www.facebook.com/gzdbx/

YouTube Account of DBX  https://www.youtube.com/c/DBXTUBE/featured

LinkedIn Account of DBX https://www.linkedin.com/in/dbx-china-9687b7b7/

Can you send samples for free?2022-12-01T06:56:23+08:00

We generally do not provide free samples. If you need it, you can first place a sample order to experience the products and services. When the amount of your next order exceeds $5K, we can directly deduct your previous samples fee from the total amount of this order.

However, the special case is that we can apply for 2 free samples for qualified customers. If you need a lot of samples, you can prepay the sample fee, and it can be directly deducted from the payment on your next order.

Why is your price expensive than other suppliers?2022-12-01T07:00:40+08:00

The cost included in the quotation of the product is the price of the product + product testing + product packaging + after-sales service. In addition to providing high-quality products, we also provide strict testing services, exquisite packaging, and life-long after-sales service. Our company is very focused on this aspect of quality control. We have a dedicated QC team to inspect the products for you. We also have a return warehouse in Hong Kong. If you encounter any quality problems, you can return it and we will return it to you. This is not every supply. Businesses can do it. If you insist on a very low-priced product, we can also provide it, but I will deal with testing and after-sales just like other suppliers. Do you still think our price is expensive?

Will you mix quality shipments like other suppliers?2022-12-01T07:01:41+08:00

Are all the goods you bought before come out of mixed quality? Should bring you a lot of trouble, right? (Grasp the pain points of customers) We will eliminate this approach. Integrity management is the philosophy we have always adhered to. We will never ruin the company’s reputation for more than 20 years for a little profit. What we need is a long-term cooperation with customers. Moreover, DBX has its own quality classification, which will be strictly tested before shipment. Would you like to take up a few minutes of your precious time, let me introduce to you several of our existing qualities and the differences between them, and then you make a choice?

What’s the warranty for your products?2022-12-01T07:03:17+08:00

All of our products can have one year warranty. You can return the defective products back to us and we will retest all. Then you will get the replacements if they are all quality issues.

What’s the MOQ?2022-12-01T07:04:06+08:00

There is no minimum order request here. Any sample orders will be accepted. Buy in bulk, save a lot.

Why is my order preparation taking so long time?2022-12-01T07:04:51+08:00

The inventory runs out very fast, and the raw materials (IC, glass…) are in shortage in the whole market, which leads to the supply getting slower. Please be patient we will do our best to complete your order priority once we got sources.

Why don’t you sell the goods with logo?2022-12-01T07:05:30+08:00

DBX respects intellectual property rights and operates legally, so we insist that we don’t sell products with logo. With the customs supervision and attention to this aspect, it is believed that this will be the future trend of mobile phone aftermarket.

What is your company’s LCD inspection process?2022-12-01T07:06:04+08:00

Incoming inspection: inspection of all raw materials (including LCD touch LCD, driver IC and row line is stable), after the raw materials have been tested for production and fitting, one-to-one detection will be conducted for brightness, polarized light, touch work and other functions.

The factory product testing: check the appearance of the product for dust spots, scratch, is the bracket loose, whether the handset network is displaced or damaged, is the screw hole firm;

Function detection: whether the touch function is sensitive, whether the 3D function is normal, whether there are color TV sets and highlights on the grey screen interface with white screen and black screen interface, and whether the dialing key function information key is in normal use.

Before shipment detection: highlights, polarization……

Can all the accessories be labeled with our labels? Can all the accessories be stamped with our seal?2022-12-01T07:07:00+08:00

Yes, we can design and make labels/seal according to your requirements and help you stick it up/ seal it before packing.

Can each product be labeled separately and each product be packaged separately?2022-12-01T07:07:31+08:00

Yes, we provide separate labeling service for VIP customers at present.

When will my order be shipped and received?2022-12-01T07:08:25+08:00

Normally, we need 1-2 days for preparation and detection of your order after the payment. Then it will take around 2-4 days for the shipment via DHL.

What’s your delivery cover area?2022-12-01T07:09:09+08:00

We work closely with DHL, FedEx, UPS, EMS, and China Post Air Mail to ensure the cell phone repair parts can ship worldwide. Except for some P.O. Boxes or APO/FPO military addresses due to the limitations of our logistics services.

How to place an order?2022-12-01T07:11:11+08:00

This is a guide for you, please visit Order Procedure Page.

How should I cancel an order?2022-12-01T07:11:43+08:00

Normally, there are three situations:

  1. If you have not paid the order, you don’t need to contact us to cancel the order. The system will cancel it automatically.
  2. If payment was completed for your order but it has not been shipped yet, then you can cancel your order. Please contact: service@wordpress-868603-4019349.cloudwaysapps.com
  3. If your order was paid for and has been shipped, YOU ARE NOT ABLE TO CANCEL YOUR ORDER.
Who should I contact if I have any problem before or after place an order?2022-12-01T07:12:23+08:00

No matter before or after place an order, if you have any problems, please send an email to service@wordpress-868603-4019349.cloudwaysapps.com. We will answer the email within 24 working hours.

How long can I expect to receive the order?2022-12-01T07:13:13+08:00

Normally, the goods will be delivered within three days after payment, and the time limit of DHL is 3~5 days before you can receive the goods.

Can I get a refund if I am not satisfied with the goods I received?2022-12-01T07:13:49+08:00

Before we confirm the order, we will confirm the product quality and other details with you. If there is a quality problem, you can feedback to us to help you solve it. If it cannot be solved, we can accept the refund.

How to solve the problem if the product is damaged in transit?2022-12-01T07:14:27+08:00

If the product is damaged, please send photos within three days after receiving the goods. We will arrange replenishment immediately.

Is my payment information secure?2022-12-01T07:19:26+08:00

All personal registration information on our site is secured. We DO NOT store credit card data on our servers.

Can you remove the decimal point in the price?2022-12-01T07:19:57+08:00

Sorry, this is the best price we can offer, and every price is strictly cost-accounting. If the decimal point is removed, our profit cannot guarantee the operation of our QC team and the good service of our after-sales, thanks for understanding.

In addition, for your first order, if you can order more than 5.5 K, we can apply for additional discounts for you.

Can I pay 30 days after receiving the goods?2022-12-01T07:20:31+08:00

We will provide “customer credit” services to customers with stable orders and a certain scale—This service is mainly based on understanding the business situation of the two parties and the follow-up cooperation plan, to provide the corresponding credit line and return time for the customers who meet the evaluation (in other words, if you meet our evaluation, you may get DBX Provided “payment in later” services).

For specific details, please contact our customer service for details.

What are the payment methods?2022-12-01T07:20:59+08:00

Currently, we accept Wire Transfer and PayPal (under $5000). Since PayPal will charge a PayPal fee, so we offered a 4% discount for customers who chooses the wire transfer. If your order is over $5000, we only accept wire transfers.

How does PayPal work?2022-12-01T07:21:36+08:00

Using PayPal, you have several choices:
1. Send money from existing credit on your PayPal account (if any).
2. Send money from a credit card: the amount is drawn from your credit card and sent directly to the recipient’s PayPal account.
3. Send money from a debit card/ bank account: the amount is sent directly to the recipient’s PayPal account.

In order to offer a safe transaction environment, our PayPal account only accept type 1 payment, please kindly noted. Please don’t pay the order directly with your credit card.

Can I change the address on PayPal next time? I’ve already paid for it.2022-12-01T07:22:19+08:00

Sorry, the receiving address must be the same, we can return it to you, and you can revise it before paying.

Can I pay cash on delivery?2022-12-01T07:23:12+08:00

Sorry, all of our customers deliver goods in full payment. What are you worried about?

If it is the quality problem, we can make the next sample order first。

If you are worried about receiving the goods, we also accept PayPal payment or place an order with our Ali corporation.

Can I pay 50% in advance and the rest pay on deliver?2022-12-01T07:23:54+08:00

Sorry, all our customers deliver the goods in full payment, you can pay 50% in advance, we have the goods ready, and then you pay the rest, we will arrange shipment immediately.

Why there’s no soft OLED for XSMAX and 11PROMAX on market?2022-12-01T07:25:51+08:00

That is because the production cost of these two models is high, and the defective rate is high. The factory is unwilling to produce soft OLEDs for these two models. Therefore, there are only these two models of hard OLEDs on the market.

What’s the difference between COF and COG?2022-12-01T07:26:28+08:00

COF (Chip on Flex or Chip on Film) assemblies are different than the standard Aftermarket COG (Chip on Glass) assemblies because the chip of the COF is bonded to the flex cable instead of being adhered to the glass. This feature provides many benefits such as higher reliability, less damage, better heat distribution, reduced weight, and more. On the surface looking, the COF can be thinner than the COG.

Is there any LCD or way to fix iPhone non-Genuine screen” warning?2022-12-01T07:27:22+08:00

This problem is caused by Apple binds and encrypts the original LCD and the touch IC (of the CPU).

The only workable solution by now is to solder the touch module of the original screen onto the new replacement screen; besides, users can also upgrade the Apple version to the latest one, after that, the warning will not appear when you turn on your phone, it will just appear on set.

Why there is a “small display window” in some item descriptions?2022-12-01T07:28:00+08:00

That’s because some aftermarket LCDs are using COG bonding technology to assemble the screen. The Chip is on the glass so the display area is a little smaller than the chip on Flex.

What is the difference between Master and original refurbished with copy touch for iPhone X?2022-12-01T07:28:51+08:00

①Master is original LCD with an original touch, original refurbished with copy touch is original LCD with copy touch;

②Master is manufactured by our factory and tested by DBX strict testing standards. It works better and is more stable than oi refurbished with a copy touch.

Do you have an OLED screen for X, XS, XR, 11 and 11 Pro?2022-12-01T07:30:29+08:00

We have an OLED screen for X, XS, and 11 Pro, but no OLED for XR and 11. The XR and 11 originals used the LCD screen.

What are the selling points of DS+/DS/DA?2022-12-01T07:32:53+08:00

The first company to adopt a fully automatic frame pressing process to reduce manual operation leading to inconsistent batch quality. The 100% pure raw materials ensure that the color of the frame is closer to the original.

  • The use of original materials and original imported components ensures that the LCD screen’s function is more stable and durable.
  • User experience-oriented design, the screen has a super touch feel, is resistant to drops, and lasts longer.
  • The high color gamut is almost close to the original screen, making the screen viewing effect more vivid and lifelike.
  • DS+, DS is the most suitable warm color screen for Europeans and Americans
Do you have an LCD for iPhone SE 2020?2022-12-01T07:34:20+08:00

Yes. Actually, the iPhone 8 LCD is compatible with the iPhone SE 2020.

Can iPhone 11 and XR LCD make with an iron plate?2022-12-01T07:34:52+08:00

Yes, we can provide the iPhone 11 and iPhone XR LCD with an iron plate. (iPhone 11 and iPhone XR are backlit screens, and an additional piece of iron plate installed can better protect the backlight; the other screens of the iPhone X series are OLED screens, which emit light independently, and has no need to install an iron plate.)

Will the “non-original screen” window still pop up for the iPhone 11 series now?2022-12-01T07:35:18+08:00

It will not appear on the home page but sometimes will appear on “Phone setting”. This is a bug in the iOS system.

Why does iPhone 12 skip screen after INCELL quality is installed?2022-12-01T07:36:00+08:00

Because you bought the first batch of iPhone 12 incell, there was no upgrade program when the first batch was produced, which caused the iPhone 12 incell quality to skip the screen after the IOS system was upgraded. All of our current inventory has been upgraded, so you can buy with confidence. There will be no more screen skipping problems.

Is there any battery or way to fix iPhone “non-Genuine battery” warning?2022-12-01T07:36:54+08:00

This problem is the same as screen, caused by encrypted IC. Users can solder the original IC to the changed one.

Why is your original iPhone 11 hot?2022-12-01T07:37:37+08:00

Because the original IC is out of stock, the currently used IC is a domestic one which can easily get hot; and at the same time, the original pressure quality requires a brightness of 550 degrees or more, so the self-pressure (domestic) quality will increase the light and improve the brightness, which makes the screen more likely to be hot.

What is the difference between DS+ and GX soft OLED for iPhone X?2022-12-01T07:38:21+08:00

①DS+ Soft OLED and GX Soft OLED used the same materials, but DS+ is cheaper than GX.

②DS+ is manufactured by our factory and tested by DBX strict testing standards.

What’s the quality of your products?2022-12-01T07:39:14+08:00

There are four kinds of grades for DBX Store cell phone repair parts:

Grade S+ (Brand New):

Grade S+ parts are those with 100% original core components like LCD, IC chip, flex, while non-core components like frames can be original or original compliant (Up to the main market trend), which are assembled by the original factories.

Grade S(Refurbished)

Grade S parts are those with 100% original core components like LCD, IC chip, while non-core components like flex, glass lens, and frame made of best original compliant material, which is assembled by the capable third-party factories.

Grade AAA (China-made)

Grade AAA is almost the same as Grade S. The Grade AAA LCD materials for the iPhone series are from several manufacturers, such as AUO, CSOT, LG, LT (Long Teng), Sharp, and TM (Tian Ma). Customers can choose them in the Grade column. The difference lies in brightness and contrast. A good option for customers who are not so critical with cosmetic aspects.

Grade A (China-made)

Grade A stands for China-made quality, they are widely accepted compliant replacements for original parts, which can keep a good balance between price and quality.

Do you have any other spare parts, except LCD for iPhone?2022-12-01T07:40:09+08:00

Yes, we have other spare parts for mobile phones. For details, please check our website or contact us. We will provide you with a one-to-one service.

What are the original, DS+, DS and DA mean?2022-12-01T07:41:27+08:00

“DBX Original” means quality standards and manufacturing technology are original by DBX.

DBX has established long-term cooperative relationships with thousands of overseas repairers and wholesalers. Based on a large number of order case studies, it has extracted the three most typical LCD qualities that best meet the current mobile phone market demand, and defined them as DS+, DS, and DA. The quality definition of this series is applicable to TFT LCD for iPhone 6-8P. All “DBX Original” products can meet the requirement of CE and RoHS standards.

DS+ is defined as the Supreme Quality of Aftermarket OEM LCD. It is an assembly used TM or similar standard glass material. This quality screen is composed of original raw materials and components. What DS+ used is the 1:1 manufacturing process which is the closest to the original.

Warranty Period: Life-Time

Recommend Type of Business:

Chain Repair Shops, Wholesale Business, Individual Users

DSis defined as the High-end Quality of Aftermarket OEM LCD. It is an assembly used TM or similar standard glass material. This quality screen is partially composed of imported raw materials and components. What DS used is the manufacturing process which is closer to the original.

Warranty Period: Life-Time

Recommend Type of Business:

Online Stores, Individual Repair Shops, Wholesale Business

DA is defined as the Medium Quality of Aftermarket OEM LCD. It is an assembly used Panda or similar standard glass material, the most cost-effective manufacturing OEM LCD.

Warranty Period: Life-Time

Recommend Type of Business: Wholesale Business

What are the main products of your company?2022-12-01T07:42:13+08:00

Product service: main business applicable to the export business of iPhone、Samsung、Xiaomi and other brands of LCD、repair of mobile phone lithium batteries and mobile phone parts.

Do you sell motherboards?2022-12-01T07:43:21+08:00

Sorry, we not, we major sales apply to iPhone、Samsung、Xiaomi and other iPhone、Samsung、Xiaomi and other brands of LCD、repair of mobile phone、apply to high quality lithium batteries for iPhone, and mobile phone case、earphone、USB cable and other mobile phone accessories.

What is the difference about iPhone6-8 In-Cell and DS+?2022-12-01T07:44:15+08:00

These are two different technical structures, the main feature of the In-Cell’s screen technology is its thinness, the same installation effect as the original. DS+ is a very mature kind of TFT, because of the continuous upgrading and improvement of the structure, it has been able to achieve the same installed effect as In-Cell. Overall, in terms of structure, screen effect and price, DS+ is a pretty good choice.

What is the difference about HARD OLED and Soft OLED?2022-12-01T07:45:04+08:00

Display Window,Soft OLED is bigger than Hard OLED.

Is the iPhone X TFT screen thinner?2022-12-01T07:45:55+08:00

In-Cell and OLED screen thickness is about the same, In-Cell is thinner than TFT.

Is there a version problem with your IOS system upgrade?2022-12-01T07:47:38+08:00

We usually test the latest IOS version before shipment, to make sure there is no version problem before shipment.

Do you have original quality iPhone LCD?2022-12-01T07:49:06+08:00

Since original lcds is with logo, we we dont sell full original iphone lcds since its illegal, but DBX provides OEM quality for iPhone lcds which is made

What qualities about LCD for iPhone do you have?2022-12-01T08:02:50+08:00

Now, we have 3 qualties for iPhone 6-8 Series,  DA/DS/DS+

DA for wholesaler as the price is competitive and quality is solid

DS for the customer who is asking for the excellent quality close to original

DS+ is our premium quality for those who are asking for the original quality with perfect saturations.

All grade with high brightness, oleophobic coating, and offer life-time warranty.

All LCDs be 100% tested before shipped, ensure no scratch, no bad pixel, no color spilt, no touch problem.

Why is your shipping cost so expensive?2022-12-01T08:04:50+08:00

Our price is pretty good.

The freight forwarder serving DBX is a very qualified freight company. We have established a cooperative relationship for more than 20 years; he is safe, efficient and convenient, and can ensure that the goods are delivered to your hands completely without loss or damage; If it happens, the official can pay compensation, so there has no additional worries.

In addition, we have an exclusive partnership with DHL. We are the fastest DHL.

You can calculate the total amount of the order so that you can quickly find the advantages; if you have a forwarder, we can also send the goods to your forwarder; if it is less than 21 KG, you can consider buying more products, because 21 KG can enjoy the price of large freight, and the average freight price will be cheaper than that of small items.

The goods have been shipped but the shipping time is too long, can I cancel the order or apply for a refund?2022-12-01T08:05:32+08:00

The freight forwarder serving DBX is a very qualified freight company; he is safe, efficient, convenient, and has advanced and complete transportation and warehouse management capabilities; Under normal circumstances, there will be no delay in transportation time. It can only happen when holiday warehouses are full (peak shipping season) or impact by pandemics; in this case, all freight companies will be slower than usual. In order to ensure your normal operations, we recommend that you continue to wait, do not change the logistics company or supplier, this will only extend the delivery time, we will urge the freight company for you every day and update the logistics status for you in time, please wait patiently.

I have some goods from other suppliers, can you send them to me together?2022-12-01T08:06:22+08:00

Of course, the best suggestion is that you send us your product list directly, so that we can provide better response for you. Generally speaking, we just cannot send goods with logo.

Why I paid for a week but the goods have not been shipped yet?2022-12-01T08:06:52+08:00

Generally, this situation occurs due to the following three reasons:

  1. The product has not passed the DBX quality inspection leads to out of stock: so sorry that some of the product’s quality in your order has not passed our inspection standards, we can send you the prepared goods first, and other out-of-stock products can be shipped with your next order together, or you can replace these products with other qualities so that we can ship it immediately.
  2. Tight supply in the current market: it may be due to the price increase and shortage in the raw materials, or other reasons. We will report the dynamic situations of the aftermarket mobile phone screen in our marketing emails. (You can subscribe to our emails to get relevant news and products information in time, it helps when you make purchasing decisions).
  3. Freight delay: When freight is at its peak period (generally, August through October is prime shipping time.), product launch dates, commodity seasonality, or during a pandemic period, the entire global supply chain of freight logistics will experience shipping delays.
Why do you change your packaging?2022-12-01T08:07:48+08:00

①.In order to protect the environment, the package will upgrade like picture 1st, with 4 small boxes inside, without foam carton. Instead of the previous one with a foam carton inside.

②.It can put more goods inside, will save more freight. For example, the new one can put 368pcs iPhone 7, the old one can only put 250pcs. So that if 500pcs iPhone 7 packed in the new way, the freight is $200 while $300 in the old.

③.Already tried and customers said that received safely.

(For more detail, check this blog: DBX’s Brand-New Packaging Comes! Let’s Check It Out!)

Do you have a unified packaging standard?2022-12-01T08:09:06+08:00

We currently have two packaging methods: foam boxes and cartons. Different packaging will be selected according to different products.

Can I make custom packaging?2022-12-01T08:09:51+08:00

We provide custom packaging for our customers. One size minimum order quantity is 5000.

What kind of express delivery do you usually send?2022-12-01T08:10:33+08:00

DHL, UPS, FEDEX, EMS, TNT,do you have your own forwarder to arrange shipment?

How much does the shipping cost?2022-12-01T08:13:58+08:00

Most of the logistics companies calculate the freight fee according to the actual weight of the package(s), so the real shipping cost is based upon the weight of the products you have purchased.

And each logistics company has a minimum shipping cost for products less than 500g. DHL was highly recommended. Doubt the DHL cost too much? If you can accept the 15 days delivery time, the China Post Air Mail will your best choice.

Why the postage is unusually high sometimes?2022-12-01T08:14:41+08:00

If your order contains the touch screen for the iPad, the postage will be high. Due to the large size and careful package for iPad touch screen.

Do you provide free shipping?2022-12-01T08:15:26+08:00

Sorry, DBX-Store is currently unable to provide free shipping at this time, and the logistics companies we ship through control the shipping charges.

Can you guarantee the safe delivery of liquid crystal products without customs problems?2022-12-01T08:16:03+08:00

We can guarantee the export of China, you can rest assured of that. The destination is not guaranteed at present, because the policies vary from place to place, this is out of our control, but we can help to provide if you need relevant customs clearance documents. (The reason for air transportation is that customers need to clear customs by themselves) If it’s by express, we send it at present. The customer can receive the goods safely. If it is to be shipped to South American countries, such as Argentina, Chile and Brazil, the customer still needs to have a certain degree of cooperation with the local customs clearance company. In some countries, we have double clearance channels to recommend.

What should I do if I lose my goods or get detained by the customs?2023-11-02T16:35:55+08:00

Please check whether the box has been opened when you receive the goods, we have a seal on each case, see if the seal is broken and weigh it to see if it weighs less. Take pictures of these, we need to discuss compensation with the forwarder company as evidence. If the goods are seized by the customs, we can help provide that if you need what documents are used for customs clearance.

May I change the product packaging?2023-11-02T16:35:43+08:00

Yes, DBX can provide personalized packaging service, what kind of packing would you like instead? Different Model, the packing size is different. I will help you confirm the minimum order quantity and price of the packing.


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