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Delivering superior iPhone screen quality is our utmost priority.

Ango dedicates significant efforts to ensure that the parts you receive are of the highest caliber.

Discover the rigorous procedure we employ to achieve this!

Strict Quality Classification

We have established quality standards tailored to various customer needs, taking into account the diverse conditions of raw materials and finished products. Furthermore, we are capable of accommodating the special requirements of our customers.


Top-notch customized quality

Our standard sets the benchmark for the highest-quality LCD screens in the market featuring original panels from manufacturers like TCLCSOT. With advanced technologies and customization options, our screens are in high demand for refurbishing chain repair and insurance customers who prioritize a flawless user experience over cost


Best choice for high-end repair

This grade offers reliable and consistent mid-to-high-end products thoughtfully selected by Ango, making it the optimal choice for high-end repairs. Using good quality glass material like XL, featuring COG technology, it offers impressive color saturation and a seamless body as Soft OLED, making it a viable alternative to soft OLED. We guarantee the overall quality will be better than any other vendor due to our rigorous testing.


The highest market shares

This standard sets the benchmark for top-selling quality among distributors and wholesalers.lt brings together cost-effective, thoroughly tested products from third-party manufacturers, carefully selected by Ango. By incorporating sought-after structures such as In-cell technology, COG packaging, and original FPC, it not only improves functionality but also offers more choices for budget-conscious customers.

① Cosmetic Inspection

  • Assess glass lens surface for damage or paint defects.
  • Inspect the front bezel for debonding, damage, or blocked screw holes.
  • Examine flex cable for breakage or damage
  • Evaluate backlight adhesion for normalcy
  • Test the hydrophobic effect using water. alcohol. and N-hexane

② Function & Display Test

  • Perform touch function tests by pulling up and down, switching pages, and moving icons.
  • Evaluate 3D Touch function and sensitivity.
  • Verify the normalcy of pure color screens.
  • Check if the screen turns black when viewed under a polarizer.
  • Test Color Coordinates and Brightness using Screen Brightness Meter SM208E and Datacolor SpyderX.

③ Structure Test

  • Measure the thickness width, and length of the device.
  • Verify if the LCD metal plate is well-matched and if the screw holes are properly aligned.
  • Assess the screen fitness with the iPhone housing after installation.
  • Check the functionality of the device after installation to ensure normal operation.
  • Check for light leakage or backlight conflicts during the LCD Touch lD function test.

④ Vibration Test

  • Electromagnetic Vibration Test (Amplitude: 2mm, Frequency: 50HZ Time:1H).

⑤ Aging Test

  • Dvnamic Test (condition: +45C: play video for 2Hrs).
  • Static Cycle Test(condition:-20C/2Hrs,+55C55%RH/2Hrs,+55C/4Hrs)。

⑥ Power Consumption Test

  • Test power consumption using DL S300 test box.

⑦ Drop Test (Packaged)

  • Packing Weight 0~45.4 (kg) Drop High 122 (cm)
  • Packing Weight 45.4~ 90.8 (kg), Drop High 76(cm)
  • Packing Weight 90.8~ 454 (kg), Drop High 61 (cm)
  • Packing Weight Over 454 (kg), Drop High 46 (cm)