DBX 23 Rigorous Quality Inspection Items

① Cosmetic Inspection

  • Assess glass lens surface for damage or paint defects.
  • Inspect the front bezel for debonding, damage, or blocked screw holes.
  • Examine flex cable for breakage or damage
  • Evaluate backlight adhesion for normalcy
  • Test the hydrophobic effect using water. alcohol. and N-hexane

② Function & Display Test

  • Perform touch function tests by pulling up and down, switching pages, and moving icons.
  • Evaluate 3D Touch function and sensitivity.
  • Verify the normalcy of pure color screens.
  • Check if the screen turns black when viewed under a polarizer.
  • Test Color Coordinates and Brightness using Screen Brightness Meter SM208E and Datacolor SpyderX.

③ Structure Test

  • Measure the thickness width, and length of the device.
  • Verify if the LCD metal plate is well-matched and if the screw holes are properly aligned.
  • Assess the screen fitness with the iPhone housing after installation.
  • Check the functionality of the device after installation to ensure normal operation.
  • Check for light leakage or backlight conflicts during the LCD Touch lD function test.

④ Vibration Test

  • Electromagnetic Vibration Test (Amplitude: 2mm, Frequency: 50HZ Time:1H).

⑤ Aging Test

  • Dvnamic Test (condition: +45C: play video for 2Hrs).
  • Static Cycle Test(condition:-20C/2Hrs,+55C55%RH/2Hrs,+55C/4Hrs)。

⑥ Power Consumption Test

  • Test power consumption using DL S300 test box.

⑦ Drop Test (Packaged)

  • Packing Weight 0~45.4 (kg) Drop High 122 (cm)
  • Packing Weight 45.4~ 90.8 (kg), Drop High 76(cm)
  • Packing Weight 90.8~ 454 (kg), Drop High 61 (cm)
  • Packing Weight Over 454 (kg), Drop High 46 (cm)

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