Generally, this situation occurs due to the following three reasons:

  1. The product has not passed the DBX quality inspection leads to out of stock: so sorry that some of the product’s quality in your order has not passed our inspection standards, we can send you the prepared goods first, and other out-of-stock products can be shipped with your next order together, or you can replace these products with other qualities so that we can ship it immediately.
  2. Tight supply in the current market: it may be due to the price increase and shortage in the raw materials, or other reasons. We will report the dynamic situations of the aftermarket mobile phone screen in our marketing emails. (You can subscribe to our emails to get relevant news and products information in time, it helps when you make purchasing decisions).
  3. Freight delay: When freight is at its peak period (generally, August through October is prime shipping time.), product launch dates, commodity seasonality, or during a pandemic period, the entire global supply chain of freight logistics will experience shipping delays.